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4.7 Other operating expenses

in CHF thousand   Notes   2017   2016
Marketing and distribution expenses       12,157   13,473
Operating lease expenses   4.18    10,739   10,960
Repairs and maintenance       8,101   6,585
Administration expenses       6,295   6,766
Losses on bad debts       70   2,158
Losses from sales of fixed assets       29  
Impairment of provisions and loans         776
Energy       2,603   2,525
IT       3,159   2,964
Other operating expenses       6,325   4,592
Total other operating expenses       49,478   50,799

Other operating expenses include CHF 650,000 relating to the restructuring of the Book Retailing division’s branch network. In the prior year, losses on bad debts included losses from the operational business as well as provisions in conjunction with the first-time consolidation of insignificant subsidiaries of the Atlantic Zeiser division.