4.19 Further details of tangible and intangible assets

The remaining tangible fixed assets stated at cost as of 31 December 2018 in note 4.17 consist mainly of furniture and fixtures in the amount of CHF 10,559,000 (2017: CHF 19,475,000) and IT systems (hardware) in the amount of CHF 8,120,000 (2017: CHF 12,299,000).

As at 31 December 2018, there were commitments to purchase tangible assets of CHF 1,659,000 for additional inking units in the Security Printing division.

Other tangible fixed assets include a write-down of CHF 781,000 as part of the impairment made for the Atlantic Zeiser Group. See also note 4.2.

In the 2018 and 2017 financial years, no bank borrowings were secured on land and buildings. Lease rentals amounted to CHF 9,483,000 (2017: CHF 10,056,000), while CHF 563,000 (2017: CHF 683,000) was related to other leased tangible assets.